BREAKING NEWS: In support of COVID 19 precautionary measures occuring throughout the province of Ontario, The Orillia Fairgrounds Farmers Market is closed until further notice. Severn Sunset Eco Farm is committed to providing you with safe, reliable access to local food during this pressing health event. We are collaborating with other area producers to offer a low-contact low risk bi weekly food delivery system: The Lockdown Locavore Farm Fresh Food Delivery, making Sunday deliveries into Orillia. Please join our mailing list for promos to be involved!

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Regeneratively Farming To: build soil, sequester carbon, foster biodiversity, create endangered bird habitat, restore derelicted farmland, build community, produce nutrient dense food, grow strong family and friend relationships built on wholesome values and really good food

 We're a little Grass Based Farm in South Muskoka


We are the Johnson Family (Andrew, Heather, Sage, Billy and Tilly) and we started this farm in 2010.  Our aim is to produce for our community, the kind of food we want on our family's plates,  while being sensitive to the diverse and beautiful Muskoka ecosystem.

Find us every weekend all year at the Orillia Fairgrounds Farmers Market, at ODAS park Orillia, Saturday 8am til 1pm and visit our little farmgate stand for self serve eggs in the summer months. 

Our primary focus is on producing Muskoka lamb and Free Range small batch Artisanal Chicken.


We produce Organically managed chicken exclusively for our CSA membership-we are not raising chicken for retail sales this in 2020. THIS IS ADVANCE ORDER ONLY! If you came here looking for chicken, Click the chicken button  for info on how to join!!

We also have some other secondary products we produce on the farm such as Free Range non gmo eggs avail at the farm gate, Free Range Duck eggs and specialty wool fleeces.

We hope that you will come out to the farm, join our CSA, and meet your meat!


All Pictures on this site were taken on the farm and are representive of ordinary daily farm life

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