Due to the Covid 19 outbreak and the resulting economic slowdown coupled with sudden changes we needed to make on our farm related to covid, we have removed our second CSA section for 2020. We are currently sold out of CSA shares for this season. Thank you for your understanding at this time, keep healthy.

We produce Free Range Organic Chicken, exclusively for our CSA members and only available through our CSA.



Free Range Organic Chicken

CSA Price:


Compare at $7.00

CSA- Community Supported Agriculture

CSA members make the farm possible!  By paying for your chickens in advance of production, you support the production costs of your own food and become a financial backer of the farm. Raising Organic Chicken is cost intensive; we are thankful to embrace the CSA model for this enterprise of our family farm.

This is how we are able to provide Wholesale Priced Free Range Organic Chicken to the general public. By making CSA members key players in the farm economy.  Yes this works! The chicken production on our farm has been largely driven by our CSA membership for 8 years!


Terms of the 2020 Chicken CSA 

-$20 deposit is invoiced for each chicken/share at the time of joining. Spring deposits are due Apr. 1, Fall deposits are due Aug. 1.
-CSA chicken is priced by the lb at $5.50/lb
-there is a $1/head ship fee due at the time of pickup. This covers gas to the processor and things like shipping crates.
-targeted weight is 4.5 lbs and we all understand that there are natural variances on both sides of this goal
-you may select whole, (0) halved ($1)or quartered chickens ($2) (cut fees in brackets)
-remaining costs are balanced when you pick up your chickens
-you select your pickup date and location

*SPRING July 3 farm July 4 market; July 17 farm July 18 market

*FALL Oct 16 Farm Oct 17 Market

-5 bird minimum per each CSA section

Why does it say Morrison's on the sticker?  Morrison's is the provincially licensed small family owned chicken processor we use to process the birds. We have been working with Trevor and Trish and their kids since 2011 and we think they do a fantastic job on our chickens. They are a lovely family and we enjoy working with them.  The chicken is legally required to carry their label and their seal.  Small processors have been working with the province to get this changed, but this is where we are currently at!

What's a CSA?

We have been running as a CSA with chicken for 8 years now. We'd like to invite all returning CSA members to join again this year. And we have a little room for your friends to join too!

With Community Supported Agriculture, Members buy into 'shares' of the year's chicken crop at the beginning of the season. 

This allows us to buy chicks, purchase large quantities of feed, build housing and offset other early season costs such as infrastructure improvements, shipping crates and storage freezers. 

This makes the CSA members the share holders, and the investing force which drives the farm. CSA members

 benefit through lower prices, access to locally produced Organic foods otherwise tricky to source, and the ability to have a voice in the farm, by suggesting what they would like to see in the future, and if they would like any changes to the process.

This very grassroots approach to farming and business mangement also benefits members by keeping money in the local community and developing a sustainable local economy.

The CSA model has been duplicated the world over and has successfully shaped and grown numerous small farms,  neighborhoods and communities.

Nearly a decade of Organic Chicken in South Muskoka


We have been raising Free Range Organic Chicken in Severn Bridge since 2010.  We strive to put clean, nutrient dense Organic chicken on our CSA member's and customer's plates, with the beneficial fats and high Omega's and vitamin d resulting from grass, fresh air and sunshine. 

Our chicken has the traditional taste of the chicken Grandma used to eat! Indeed our own Grandparents raised Free Range chicken with outdoor access and we are proud to continue that tradition.

Our Organic chicken has always been produced in accordance with the Canadian Organic Standard. ​ 


We manage Organically, because bio accumulation of ag chems and heavy metals in meat through the agricultural food chain weighs heavy on our minds. Due to our location, we are able to ensure that our air, our water and our soil have zero chemical contamination from any conventional cropping operations.

Under Organic management, even our cleaning products must be basic and not lead to buildup of traces in meat- we use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean waterers and troughs. We do not use treated lumber in housing, and chemical paints, sealants or anything which can leach onto the pasture is forbidden.


Chicken Production on the pasture

We use a production system called a portable day range system. We feel really good about being able to let the birds out to forage, run, flap and walk on fresh grass all day.  The birds are surrounded by a portable electric net which keeps predators at bay and allows the birds to safely graze. 


Sunlight and space! Being out in direct sunlight has the advantage of driving vitamin D production in the meat and creating a superior nutrient dense chicken. Our low stocking densities mean that our chickens have plenty of space to run and stretch. From a health perspective this means that the birds are always in a hygeinic environment.  

The net and housing is moved regularly to a new plot to allow for clean grazing, and maximum consumption of pasture leading to that wholesome, traditional chicken taste and excellent nutrient density. In addition to graze, our CSA chickens are fed a Certified Organic grain ration produced on an Ontario family farm.

Livestock Guardian dogs are used to keep away predators. Our dog management technique is called wildlife friendly predator control, because we keep the dogs fenced, often with the birds, they are not pursuing or harming the predators. Mostly they bark to let the predators know not to come around. With the help of our LGDs we have only once in 9 years found the need to shoot a predator, and only immediately after the unexpected passing of an LGD.

Ecological Appreciation

Moving the chicken housing is a regenerative practice which allows for a rest and regrowth phase of the pasture, building soil organic matter, sequestering carbon and contributing to a positive ecological impact. We believe it is our duty as land stewards to minimize or zero our ecological impacts and leave the land in better condition than we found it in.


As Muskokans we deeply value our rich biodiversity and unique landscape, and we want to preserve and conserve the wildlife and ecological features on our farm. Along with the farmscape, we also manage and maintain 30 ac of mature and semi mature hardwood forest as an ecolgocial preserve. Our preserve is home to several species of endangered plants, birds and animals. 

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