We're puttingMuskoka Lamb back on the map

The cultural history of Muskoka lamb runs as deep as the steamship rivers and is as old as the heydays of the wooden framed resorts.

As Muskoka's up and coming primary producer of Muskoka Lamb, we have made a long term commitment to our local food community to provide both grain fed and grass fed Muskoka lamb year round.


Muskoka Lamb is our farm's primary product! The finishing style depends on what time of year the lamb is born and what natural feeds are available during the grow out phase.

In the late 1800s the original agricultural surveys of Ontario were conducted. Muskoka-Parry sound was listed as having the best potential in Ontario for the production of lamb. This was largely based on two factors; 1. The annual rainfall being slightly higher than either the north or the south of the province, with the distribution through the season being more even. 2. The land is well suited for growing grass, cannot be easily cultivated and the shallow soils lend themselves to to  permanent plantings for grazing and hay.

One of the important original foundation sheep flocks of Muskoka was kept at the Monteith House resort purchased in 1878, owned by John Monteith.

Monteith was largely responsible for the booming popularity of Muskoka Lamb, featured on menus of fine dining establishments across   North America

Bird’s Woolen Mill in Bracebridge grew to be one of the largest wool processing mills in Canada at the time.  Bird being one of the founding members of the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers (CCWG),which is still operational.  

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